Stonewall Vaults vs Halifax Safety Deposit Box  

May 4, 2023

Safety deposit boxes offer top-down protection from theft, fire and flood, making them a safer option than keeping them at home.

Stonewall Vaults is establishing itself as the local provider of choice with 4 box sizes, state-of-the-art systems, and round-the-clock monitoring  

Meanwhile, Halifax, a trusted banking option that has been around for decades, has boxes available in 3 sizes within its New Oxford Street bank premises complete with modern security systems.

We compared Stonewall Vaults with Halifax Bank, a trusted banking provider that operates a similar service at its branch in Oxford Street, London.

Choosing the right safe deposit box provider is critical to ensuring that your valuables are easily accessible to you, safe, and always protected. 

Stonewall Vaults vs Halifax Safe Deposit Box at a Glance

Feature  Stonewall Vaults  Halifax Deposit Box 
Security  High-security vault monitored 24/7 by own security company  State-of-the-art vault with advanced security features 
Opening Hours   18 hrs every day including bank holidays  9 hrs/day and limited weekend hours. No Bank Holidays 
Starting price  £150/year  £200/year 
Insurance  £10,000 per annum  Unavailable  
Location   Rugby, Warwickshire  New Oxford Street, London 
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Stonewall Vaults Safe Deposit Box Overview

Stonewall Vaults provides secure, monitored storage solutions for valuables 

Its safe deposit boxes are housed within a high-security vault monitored and secured by Stonewall Security.  This includes 24-hour CCTV surveillance, guards, biometric access controls, alarm systems and smoke cloaks.
Stonewall Vaults also offers £10,000 of complimentary insurance coverage for items stored in their safe deposit boxes, providing additional protection against loss or damage.  


Core Features 

  • Situated a few meters away from the M6, in the heart of Rugby, Warwickshire, the vault is accessible to customers in a wide area of central England. 
  • The company places a premium on maximum security, privacy and confidentiality, and as such offers one of the most closely protected security deposit services available.  
  • Premium pricing plans are offered, depending on the box size and duration of rent purchased by a customer. 

Positives of Stonewall Vaults 

  • Strategic location.  
  • 24/7 physical security, with CCTV backup  
  • Flexible rental options. Customers can rent a box for as short as 1 week and as long as 3 years. 
  • The vault is fully air-conditioned thus protecting customers’ more delicate valuables against damage whilst in store. 
  • Accessible by customers for 18hrs per day 
  • £10,000 complimentary insurance every year in the customer’s name 
  • Multiple user access. Customers can register their wives, trusts, family members and anyone they wish for easy access. 
  • Customers can get a free Will writing and valuation service from Stonewall Vaults’ partners 
  • Existing bank customers get a 10% discount on registration
  • Offers 10% referral bonus and 1-year free rental on 10 referrals 


Downsides of Stonewall Vaults 

  • Only available in Rugby serving customers around the Midlands. More customers could benefit from its service if available in other cities. 

Halifax Safe Deposit Box Overview

Halifax safe deposit box is only available at its New Oxford Street branch in London. 

Only Halifax current, savings and mortgage account holders who have held their accounts with the bank for at least one month prior can open a safe deposit box. 

Halifax employs state-of-the-art security and management systems. This means customers don’t have to access the vault by themselves. Once access is granted, the box is robotically delivered to the available private viewing rooms. 

Only one person can be registered to a box, which means no proxy or joint box ownership 


Core Features of Halifax Safe Deposit Box 

To put customers at ease, Halifax’s deposit box service comes with a host of unique features, the most important being sophisticated security. 

  • The facilities are equipped with 24/7 security monitoring, CCTV cameras, and well-monitored access control systems. 
  • Three box sizes to accommodate different storage needs. Customers can choose from small, medium, and large boxes. 
  • Competitive pricing plans for different needs, starting at £200 

Positives of Halifax Safe Deposit Box

  • The security measures provided, such as 24/7 monitoring, CCTV cameras, and access control systems, ensure that customers’ valuable items are protected and secure. 
  • A selection of pricing plans to suit different customer needs and budgets means [that] customers can choose a plan that fits their specific storage requirements and budget, providing them with flexibility and choice. 
  • Quasi-flexible access to boxes allows customers to retrieve their items at Halifax’s bank open hours, including weekends.  


What could be better 

  • Boxes are available during banking hours and weekends with limited hours on Sundays and closed on bank holidays. Customers may find this limited access inconvenient if they need to retrieve their items outside these hours. 
  • Customers must obtain their own safe deposit box insurance and Halifax doesn’t provide any help with this. 
  • Customers cannot store Wills, bank notes, and coins that are currently in circulation. 
  • Not waterproofed. Customers are advised to wrap their valuables in waterproofed containers before storing them in a Halifax safe deposit box.  

Stonewall Vaults vs Halifax: Pricing & Insurance 

 Prices are shown alongside the cubic capacity of each box 

Box Type  Box Volume (cubic mm)  Price (£)  Insurance 
Stonewall Vaults  6,771,750  £150  £10,000 
  10,013,250  £220  £10,000 
  20,343,750  £420  £10,000 
  43,305,000  £660  £10,000 
Halifax  3,235,680  £200  None 
  10,462,800  £325  None 
  16,698,840  £475  None 

Stonewall Vaults’ box volume is 50% higher than the Halifax equivalent. In addition, Stonewall Vaults provides £10,000 complimentary insurance to customers while Halifax does not offer insurance. 

Stonewall Vaults vs Halifax: Access & Security 

Stonewall Vaults offers 18 hours of access including weekends and bank holidays with 24/7 open phone lines and security guards.  

Halifax offers 9 hours of access and only 6 hours on Sundays with 12 hours daily open phone lines.

Stonewall Vaults vs Halifax Safe Deposit Box: Which Should You Choose? 

Both Stonewall Vaults and Halifax offer high-quality safe deposit box services with advanced security measures to protect customers’ valuables. 

Ultimately, the decision of which provider to choose depends on several factors, such as location, pricing, availability, and specific security and access features that are important to you.  In the case of Halifax, you must be a customer

If you are looking for a safe deposit box provider that offers more access hours and insurance, Stonewall Vaults may be the better choice for you. If you are in London and prefer something close to you, then Halifax Safe Deposit Box can be considered. 

Halifax does not offer insurance and only allows single access. The customer service line is not open outside banking hours  

Banks are typically more affordably priced than independent providers. But in this case, Stonewall Vaults is more competitively priced 

If a £10,000 complimentary insurance and flexible access are important to you, book an appointment with the team at Stonewall to get a safety deposit box now. 

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