Stonewall Vaults

Peace of mind is priceless. That is why Stonewall Vaults offers the perfect solution for those
looking for a secure and safe location to store their most valuable possessions.

Take a look at our state-of-the-art safety deposit box facilities

Whatever you need keeping safe, it deserves only the highest security and that’s what Stonewall Vaults can promise.

Stonewall Vaults

Conveniently located in Rugby

In the heart of Warwickshire, our vaults are guarded 24/7 by a highly trained professional, giving you total peace of mind.

Stonewall Vaults

State of the art Safety Deposit Boxes

All of our safety lockers sit inside a purpose-built vault, constructed to the highest specification and protected by layers of industry-leading security.

Stonewall Vaults

Keep safe whats important to you

From important documents, jewellery and sentimental keepsakes, our safety deposit boxes are there for you to store anything you wish. If it’s important to you, then rest assured, it’s important to us.

Safety Deposit Boxes in Rugby

The way people protect and store their valuables is changing. While storing sentimental jewellery in your sock drawer might have once seemed like an easy option, storing your valuable goods in a vault will undoubtedly always be more secure than your home.

So often, we hear that people are losing sleep, knowing that their valuables are simply tucked away at home. It’s understandable to hear you might be feeling uneasy about having something of so much value or sentiment, potentially at risk of theft or damage.

Let Stonewall Vaults relieve that pressure. Having a safety deposit box with us, means that when you’re on holiday, sleeping, at work, or have simply just popped out of the house, you will know that your valuables are in safe hands around the clock. It’s amazing how something so simple could feel like such a big weight lifted from off your shoulders.

Stonewall Vaults

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