Update on Our Safety Deposit Box Insurance

Jul 4, 2023

Rugby, June 15, 2023 – We regret to inform our valued customers that changes have been made to our terms and conditions regarding the [before] free yearly insurance coverage offered for safety deposit boxes. Effective immediately, customers will now only enjoy our £10,000 complimentary insurance cover on their safety deposit box for the first year. 


We understand the importance of transparency and acknowledge that this modification may deviate from what customers were originally informed when opening their accounts. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. Unfortunately, this change is beyond our control. 


In light of these adjustments, we are committed to finding a fair solution for our customers. Previously, the cost to us of providing the complimentary insurance was £10.00 per box. To reduce the burden on customers resulting from this development, we will deduct this amount from the cost of customers’ safety deposit boxes for one year (only) at their anniversary. For example, instead of renewing at £150 per annum for the smallest safety deposit box size, customers would be charged £140 for their next renewal. 


Customers will then have the opportunity to decide whether they wish to cover the contents of their safety deposit boxes when My Security Box (the insurance company) contacts them. This communication will take place near the anniversary date of their safety deposit box. 


To clarify, effective immediately, the contents of safety deposit boxes will only be insured after the next anniversary date if customers choose to obtain coverage directly from My Security Box. This applies even if customers have paid in advance for multiple years. However, customers’ content will remain insured if they are still within their current year or if they have opted for additional cover. If your second year commenced before 15 June 2023 your box remains insured until your next anniversary date. 


Please reach out with any questions or concerns you may have regarding these changes. Our dedicated customer support team is available to provide assistance and ensure a smooth transition from the current insurance package to the one of your choosing. 


About Stonewall Vaults: We are a trusted provider of secure storage solutions based in Rugby, offering state-of-the-art safety deposit boxes for the safeguarding of valuable possessions. Committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring the utmost security, Stonewall Vaults remains a preferred choice for individuals seeking peace of mind and a reliable storage solution. 


For media inquiries, please contact Clare, the Director of Stonewall Vaults, at crandall@stonewallgroup.co.uk or call the office at 01788 561244. 

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