Choosing a Safety Deposit Box in Warwickshire

Jul 24, 2023

With banks closing local branches and discontinuing their Safety Deposit Services, you may be forgiven for wondering how best to protect your valuables. The situation is even more serious in Warwickshire, where there are only a few private providers, with Stonewall Vaults being a noteworthy exception.

It may sometimes seem like Safety Deposit Box services are exclusive to affluent individuals living in large cities like London and Manchester. However, crime isn’t limited to these places and is a serious concern everywhere.

Stonewall Vaults was founded by Clare and Martin Randall who, after extensive research, identified the need for such a service in the local areas, including Rugby.

The Importance of Local Services in Warwickshire

With half a million residents in our catchment area, we are constantly witnessing not only a change in the demographics of the local areas but also an increase in corresponding crime rates.

As such, the need for a local safety deposit centre becomes even more urgent, particularly for those with irreplaceable valuables or documents of great sentimental or legal significance.

Why Choose a Safety Deposit Box in Warwickshire (If You Live Locally)

Living and working in Warwickshire presents you with the opportunity to securely store your precious possessions in a safety deposit box within the county. This is especially beneficial if you need to use these items often. By doing so, you benefit from the peace of mind that comes with having your valuables stored in a dedicated vault with 24/7 security and surveillance.

Moreover, you could save on the cost of premiums for single valuable items charged by your home and contents insurer.

Stonewall Vaults has embraced this challenge and is proud to offer its safety deposit service as an excellent alternative to bank options within Warwickshire.

Conveniently located just off junction 1 of the M6 and close to both the M1 and A14 major links, Stonewall Vaults’ high-tech secure facility welcomes residents from a wide area of the Midlands into its facility for 18 hours each day.

Criteria for Choosing a Safety Deposit Box Company

Proximity is a significant and convenient factor when choosing a safety deposit box facility, but there are other considerations.

For instance, what security features does the centre offer? Is it guarded 24/7? Can you access the centre on bank holidays and weekends? Is there an option for complimentary insurance?

What are the visiting hours? How is their customer service?

Can you add someone to the safety deposit box, and if so, how many people can be added? If a dispute arises with an added partner, how can you ensure your belongings remain safe?

Our FAQ section covers these questions and more, or you can find out why the cost of safety deposit boxes varies from one centre to another.

If you’re considering a safety deposit box or still unsure, we welcome your call. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs, guide you through the registration process,

Or simply inform you about our services.

Call us now: 01788 561244

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