Safety Deposit Boxes

Stonewall Vaults is proud to serve the people of Coventry, providing you with secure safety deposit boxes that allow you to keep your most prized processions safe and protected.

Complete peace of mind.

From valuable documents to significant jewellery and family heirlooms, whatever you need to keep safe, you can rely on Stonewall Vaults. After all, we live by the saying, if it’s important to you, then you can rest assured it’s important to us.

At Stonewall Vaults, we know just how priceless it is, finding somewhere you can totally trust to keep items of such importance safe. That is why we are committed to going above and beyond to ensure that every single one of our clients feels 100 per cent comfortable and confident when renting one of our state-of-the-art safety deposit boxes. And to ensure total peace of mind, the highly secure premises at Stonewall Vaults is monitored round the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year, so each of our clients can sleep easy, knowing their valuables are safe at all times.

Stonewall Vaults
Stonewall Vaults

First-class and secure safety deposit boxes

Having delivered security solutions to the community in Coventry and across the nation, our knowledgeable experts at Stonewall Vaults can guarantee your possessions will be in safe hands. However, when it comes to securing your valuables, we recognise that everyone will have different needs. So, whether you’re looking for short-term safety deposit box rental, or a more long-term agreement, and with a variety of box sizes available, our friendly team of security experts work with each of our customers, creating them a bespoke package built around their requirements.

Our safety deposit boxes are all located within a purpose-built vault, with a secure viewing room on-site, allowing clients to view their possessions privately and in their own time. Furthermore, at Stonewall Vaults we are committed to delivering exceptional customer service consistently, so you can rest assured we never ask you to disclose what is kept in your safety deposit box.

Convenient location

Located within easy access from Coventry, Stonewall Vaults is conveniently situated just off the M6 in Rugby, in the heart of the Midlands. Plus, thanks to our on-site monitored car park, visiting your safety deposit box is easier and safer than ever, especially when you’re dropping off those all-important and valuable possessions.

Our customer-first policy

At Stonewall Vaults, we really are committed to delivering a no expense spared service to each of our clients, which means going above and beyond to ensure they feel safe and comfortable, especially when travelling with their possessions. That is why we offer our VIP Concierge Service to each of our Coventry clients. This fantastic service means that our professional and trustworthy security team will travel behind you, from your home in Coventry, or your desired location, all the way to our vaults.

The team at Stonewall Vaults are happy to help, whatever time of day, 365 days of the year. So, if you want more information on our safety deposit boxes, or any of the other security solutions we offer in and around Coventry, then get in touch.

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