Relocating Your NatWest Safe Deposit Box with VIP Security

Sep 11, 2023

As a NatWest safety deposit box customer, you will know that NatWest is closing its safety deposit box service, and you will therefore need to relocate your high-value items.   

This may be to another Safety Deposit Box Centre or a different safe location near you with appropriate insurance arrangements. 

If you have a high-value item, or you now live abroad; you will need a special collection arrangement to safeguard your possessions whilst they are being transferred.   

You may be interested to know that Stonewall Vaults offer a specialist VIP transport service for just such occasions. 

Not sure of where to move your box to?  

See NatWest safety deposit box alternatives  


Why should you use a security company to relocate your high-value item?

  • For peace of mind, added security, and if you now live abroad.  
  • Because NatWest allows third-party relocation, using our security company to safely move your property can be of great benefit to you.  
  • If you have purchased a box from Stonewall Vaults, you enjoy even greater privacy. As we do not have to pass your valuables to anyone. They will go straight to your safety deposit box in our vault. 

Book an appointment or give us a call to arrange your NatWest safety deposit box relocation 


How can you be eligible for our VIP security relocation service – if you are relocating your NatWest safety deposit box items?

If you’re relocating from NatWest to the Stonewall safety deposit centre, we would be delighted to help with the transfer of the box(es). 

We supply the transfer vehicle for you with our SIA-licensed guards. A minimum of two guards are required for a VIP security service.  

The cost of this service depends on the pick-up location, total hours spent, and the value of your safety deposit box items.  

When you sign up for a Stonewall Safety deposit box, your items are insured both when they’re in the box at our centre. Also insured when you take them out for use. Thus, with a safety deposit box account at Stonewall, your valuables are insured in transit from NatWest to our centre. 

This insurance covers items up to £10,000 free of charge for the first year. And £10/year after your first anniversary. With the option to extend up to £500,000 using our insurance partner or any insurer of your choice.  


When would you pay a discounted VIP security fee when moving your NatWest safety deposit item?

Moving high-value items between locations comes with high risk, and effective security is essential.  

As such, if you are moving your item from NatWest to Stonewall Vaults, we can work out the most cost-effective VIP security fee for you.  

Call us at 01788 561244 to know how much help you can get with your VIP security service.

Or learn more about our VIP security service  


Frequently asked questions about relocating NatWest safety deposit box item

  • How much will it cost to use the NatWest Royal Mail postage service?  
    • This postage is free of charge provided by NatWest 
  • How long will it take for NatWest to post my item using the Royal Mail postage service?  
    • The service has advised customers to allow up to 6 weeks 
  • What items cannot be posted from my NatWest safety deposit box?  
    • High-value items – anything larger than an envelope or in a box will not be posted. You would need to arrange a collection yourself or use a third party. If you want Stonewall Vaults to collect it for you – call to make that arrangement. 
  • How soon can I arrange a postage?  
    • Usually, 24 hours ‘ notice is required for any relocation arrangement.  
  • What is NatWest’s safety deposit contact number?  
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