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At Stonewall Vaults, we offer four sizes of safety deposit boxes to accommodate your needs. Safely store items such as jewellery, silver, gold, cash, crucial documents, and other irreplaceables.

We are the only safety deposit box centre in Rugby and one of only a few with 24/7 SIA-licensed security personnel in the UK. Our client base extends across Leicester, Birmingham, and Luton.

Getting started is straightforward: the only initial cost is a £100 refundable key deposit and a £30 registration fee. After that, you have the flexibility to choose between yearly rental or monthly payments – whatever works for you. For your convenience, we accept payments through cash, cheques, credit and debit cards.

* Prices are inclusive of VAT and key deposit is refundable on return of the keys at the end of the contract.

** Registration fee for two people, £25 per person thereafter.

Our safety deposit boxes range in price, depending on size,
starting at £150.
For more information on prices or to reserve your Stonewall Vault safety deposit box, get in touch or call: 01788 561244

holiday and short term boxes

Are you going on holiday, working away or having work done on your house?

You can have peace of mind that your most treasured possessions are safe with us for as little as £10 per week.
For more information or to reserve your Stonewall Vault safety deposit box get in touch, call 01788 561244 or download our safety deposit box brochure 

Stonewall Vaults
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