Will Storage for Will Writers, Solicitors & the Public

Store your Will for £20/year. Withdraw anytime, no appointment needed!

Store your Will where it can be found

parent with a baby - a symbol of trust that comes from storing their will in the right place

When you write your Will, you want to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled – meaning everyone you have listed receives a fair share of your lifetime investments.

It’s also important to know where your Will is stored while you’re still alive, allowing you to make any necessary modifications or add a codicil to reflect your current wishes.

Traditionally, people have entrusted their Wills to Solicitors and Will Writers. While these professionals are indispensable in the creation of Wills, storing them is not their primary service. This has led to instances of Wills going missing, often due to mergers or retirements within these firms.

Moreover, with the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, storage costs have escalated, with some testators paying as much as £50 per year to store their Will.

As a Solicitor or Will Writer, you need not shoulder the responsibility and liability of storing your client’s Will after writing. Our dedicated Will Storage facility offers a secure and reliable solution. We offer you a 50% commission of your client’s Will storage fee. Both you and your clients will receive email correspondence confirming the storage details and credentials.

parent with a baby - a symbol of trust that comes from storing their will in the right place
happy parent kid moment_ will storage

Here is what comes with our Will Storage

happy parent kid moment_ will storage
  • A unique reference number.
  • Email sent to you, the testator, and your beneficiaries, the executors.
  • Access your Will without an appointment on weekdays.
  • Unprecedented Will storage security: 24/7 CCTV surveillance and guarded by SIA licensed guards.
  • 24/7 excellent customer support.
  • Fix fee of £20 for single and mirror Wills.

Benefits of using our Will Storage Service

  • Save your executors stress by making them automatically eligible for your Will when you die.
  • Leave your beneficiaries with a lasting positive memory by ensuring your Will is done.
  • Save your beneficiary money on typical large probate payouts.
  • Always have someone on the phone to help with any query you may have.
  • Fixed – no hidden yearly fee of only £20.
  • Ensure your Will is enforceable due to sterile storage.
  • Drive-thru signup experience.

5-star and highly secure Will Storage facility


Excellent service all the staff could not be more helpful – Ian Ralston


Smooth process to open a locker. Friendly staff. Very secure. Easy access seven days a week. Highly recommend – Sumalatha

Your Will benefits from the security provided by our vault.

Our vault security is provided by Stonewall Security, an ISO 9001 certified company, with SIA security guards protecting our centre day and night.

Let your wish be done through your Will 

We all make Wills for posterity. If no one finds them, it’s as good as not making one, let alone storing it.

Store your Will where only those you care about can find it.

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