How do I access my safety deposit box?

May 4, 2022

Safety deposit box centres’ operations may vary, but there are three common levels to accessing your box. 

Firstly, you need access to the centre.

First is your access to the safety deposit centre. A staff member checks who you are through a professional door entry system before granting you access to the centre. Alternatively, you may be given a door entry fob or a unique entry code. 

Secondly, you will need personalised access to the secure area.

personalised access to a safety deposit box centre

You will only gain full access after completing an onboarding process that includes ID and credit checks and a check of the UK sanctions list.

Personalised access to the secure area can vary, from fingerprints and biometric data to voice, iris, and facial recognition, depending on the centre’s own security procedures. 

Finally, you will need unique access to the vault room and your safety deposit box.

image describing digital security access

Each safety deposit centre will approach this in different ways. Some of the options include:

  • PIN and biometric data
  • Keys and fobs
  • Dual access with centre employee
  • Supervised access
  • Digital access

When registering, you should choose whether you require two people present when accessing the box or whether you are happy with singular access.

In our Rugby centre, a member of staff will grant you access via a video doorbell. Once you have registered, you will be issued a unique access card for the secure area. You will then use a PIN and fingerprint to bring up your details on our system for a staff member to verify and give you entry to the vault area. You will then enter your PIN and fingerprint for the system to verify you and give you access to your safety deposit box. You can learn about who can access your box if you are incapacitated. Check out Stonewallvaults Blog to learn more.