Rugby-based company diversifies its business despite COVID-19 impact

Jun 10, 2021

Established Rugby business, Stonewall Security Ltd, celebrated its 13th Birthday at the beginning of May by starting the construction of Rugby’s first Safety Deposit Centre.

With steep declines in burglaries during the pandemic, it stands to reason that it will be mirrored with steep inclines as we return to normal. Criminals will be looking to re-coup their losses!

Statistics show, 1 in 4 households are underinsured and a claim may not cover all losses. The Directors themselves were burgled 4 years ago and despite having valuables locked away in a safe, the thieves stole the safe! Sadly, they were only able to re-coup half the value of the contents.

And so, the idea of Stonewall Vaults was born…

With steady growth of sister company, Stonewall Security Ltd, and the help of a Government-backed Loan, the team at Stonewall Security are proud to announce, that after 4 years planning, Stonewall Vaults will open in August 2021.

Director, Clare Randall, commented: “We’re very pleased to be launching Stonewall Vaults. Our own experience recognises that there’s a huge need for safety deposit boxes within the Midlands and we’re excited to offer a tailored solution.” 2 minutes from J1 of the M6 we are ideally located for the Midlands and Northamptonshire. Visit our website;; follow us on Facebook; @StonewallLimited and @StonewallVaults for updates on the development as well as open day invites and early offers.

About Stonewall Vaults
Stonewall Vaults is the Midlands newest safety deposit centre, for all your valuable storage needs. The vaults are guarded 24/7 for complete peace of mind, and are suitable for important documents, jewellery and more.

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