We’re LIVE: Rugby’s first Safety Deposit Centre

Jun 10, 2021

Currently under construction is Rugby’s first Safety Deposit Centre is due to open in late August 2021.

Once full, the vault room will have around 55 tonnes of weight, with the vault door alone weighing a massive 2 tonnes!! Needless to say the floor had to be re-enforced!!

The hardworking guys at Rugby based Ashlawn Builders had to dig out a 12m2 x 5m5 of the existing concrete and replace it with a tonne of hardcore, ½ tonne of sand (all of which they had to barrow into the building) and then a concrete topping! Thanks to Chris and his team at Ashlawn Builders.

The possessions you keep in your safe deposit box deserve only the best security, check out our website to see the progress in the installation of the latest in high-tech security, installed by DACT Fire and Security Solutions.

Finally, a big shout out to JRP Electrical Services who are doing what they do best!
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