How To Store Your Rolex or Other High-Value Timepieces When Not Wearing (To Keep It Wound & Safe) 

Feb 13, 2023

When you invest up to £45,000 in a timepiece, you will want to ensure it meets your expectations and, even more importantly, that it remains safe and sound. 

So concerns about how to store Rolex when not wearing one are natural. This applies to both the mechanical well-being and security of the watch.

In this blog, we will cover these factors in detail and discuss the top 5 places to store your watch when not wearing it. 

Why should you securely store your Rolex when not wearing it? 

Watches are designed to function perfectly when there’s a motion that keeps the mainspring engaged.

If you wish to keep your watch functioning when you are not wearing it, you should consider using a watch winder. 

With a high-value timepiece like a Rolex wristwatch, there is a need for protection against environmental damage and theft.

A typical Rolex is built to withstand severe environmental conditions such as vibrations, dust, and water.

However, the Rolex website explains the need for and the process of servicing. As such, it matters where and how you store your timepiece.  

Luxury watch owners believe a Rolex or any similar product should be kept safe and secure when not wearing to secure it against damage and theft. 


Factors to consider before deciding how to store your Rolex 

Before you decide on the best method to store your Rolex, you want to think about the following factors that may affect where you finally choose to store it  

  • Environmental conditions: Look for a place with a consistent temperature, low humidity, and away from direct sunlight to prevent damage from extreme temperature changes and moisture. 
  • Protection:  Choose a storage option that provides adequate protection from scratches, dust, and other physical damage. 
  • Security:  Consider a storage option that offers security features such as a lock or alarm system. 
  • Convenience:  Seek a storage option that allows you to easily access your watch when you want to wear it. 
  • Size:  Make sure the storage option you choose is suitable for the size of your Rolex and provides enough space for the watch to be stored comfortably. 
  • Type of Rolex:  Some Rolex models, such as diving watches, have specific requirements for storage. Consider the type of watch you have and its unique needs when choosing a storage option.


5 ways to store your Rolex when not wearing

chart of 5 ways to store your box


#1). Storing your Rolex Watch in its original boxes

Storing a Rolex in its original box is the first choice for most owners.

Once stored, some owners leave it in a Home Safe or store it in a designated safety deposit box centre


#2). Storing your Rolex Watch in display cabinets

Showcasing a prized timepiece in a display cabinet with a lock function is an option.

You should consider increasing the security around your home if high-value, removable items are on display within. 


#3). Storing in a home safe

Wrapping the Rolex in a soft cloth and locking it in a Safe for long-term storage.


#4). Storing in a watch winder

A Watch Winder keeps your watch wound and ready to wear without having to manually reset the time. 

This is mostly beneficial for temporal storage


#5). Secure Deposit Centre

With a safety deposit box, a Rolex watch can be stored in a watch winder and securely placed in a Safe Deposit Box.

Some secure deposit centres provide specialist safety deposit box insurance for the first year on customers’ boxes at no extra cost.


Stonewall Vault is always stationed with licenced guards and is open every day including weekends and bank holidays, for the convenience of customers.  

If you’re looking to store your Rolex or have other valuables to store together, please contact us to discuss your needs.

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