Crime Rate in Nuneaton: Most Dominant Crime Spots in Nov ’22

Jan 30, 2023

National statistics rate Nuneaton as having the highest crime rate in Warwickshire. In the lead-up to Christmas police tightened security, and nearby locations like Leicester have seen crime reduced by 40%. But it seems this report indicates that the crime rate is going in the opposite direction in Nuneaton. Below are the statistics from police records.

November 2022 Crime Rate in Nuneaton

November 2022 crime rate in nuneaton

Police data has now revealed Nuneaton South as the most vulnerable to crime in Warwickshire. Data for November 2022 shows that over 184 crimes have occurred in this area. This indicates that 14 out of every 1000 residents in the South of the town were victims of crime in the month. Of these, 6 suffered crimes of violence

Nuneaton North tops the list for crimes related to anti-social behaviour with 3 victims out of every 1000. Nuneaton West is top for criminal damage and arson-related crime, occurring in 1 out of every 1000 residents.

The hottest crime spots are Coventry Street, Newdegate Place, Stratford Street, Nuneaton Station, Arbury Road, and Cedar Road, with more than 8 recorded crimes for each of these locations.

Princess avenue and the south of Giff Wy towards Lutterworth road had the highest rate of burglary. With less than one offence per 1000 individuals. Conversely, Nuneaton Town Centre is the safest area of the town with less than 7 crimes per 1000 residents.

There was an overall decrease in crime in all areas except in Nuneaton North. This area had 37 (23 percent) more crimes than in October 2022. Also, there were 6 reported burglaries in this area.

With the increase in the cost of living, the crime rate in Nuneaton has increased also, and criminals can now benefit more than ever from their crimes. It is more important than ever to keep yourself and your valuables safe. Don’t give the criminals open opportunities to strike!

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