How Much Does a Safety Deposit Box Cost Per Month?

Dec 28, 2023

If you are considering renting a safety deposit box, it is worth looking at the payment plan available at your centre.

Not all centres will pro-rata the yearly cost into months.

At Metro Bank, for example, there is a minimum of 6 months rental. There is also a £50 early closure fee.


There is no fixed-term rental at Stonewall Vaults and up to £10,000 insurance for the first year.

Call us now at 01788 228516 to protect your valuables!


We worked out the cost per month by dividing the average yearly safety deposit box rental cost of centres in the UK by 12.

One thing though is that: The price differs for new versus existing renters.


Safety deposit box price for new versus existing renters across the UK


The monthly average cost of safety deposit boxes in the UK varies from £17 to £100 depending on the size of the box

We have previously written about safety deposit box prices across centres in the UK. Inclusive of the various fees you would be looking to spend. See here: how much does a safety deposit box cost in the UK


Safety deposit box cost for new renters at Stonewall Vaults


As a new renter, you will be paying £130 in addition to your basic safety deposit box fee.


The basic monthly price for our 4 boxes:


  • Box 50 – £12.50
  • Box 75 – £19
  • Box 200 – £35
  • Box 300 – £55


Why would you pay £130 extra as a new renter?


  • One-off (refundable) key deposit – £100
  • One-off registration fee – £30


The key deposit and registration fee are the same for all our boxes

In the end, you would be paying only £100. We invest more than £30 to cover the £10,000 first-year insurance discount that we provide for free when you rent a box.


Safety deposit box cost for existing renters at Stonewall Vaults


The increasing cost of living is sadly, a reality, so prices for safety deposit boxes may increase. We will always give you 1 month’s notice of any increase.

As of December 2023, our box prices have not changed.

So, if you are renewing your box for another year, you will be billed for the actual monthly cost only.

A similar pricing model applies to most private safety deposit box centres across the UK

So as an existing renter, you only pay £12.5 for the smallest box size and £55 for the biggest box size

Monthly Safety Deposit Box Cost at Stonewall Vaults for Holiday Renters

Our holiday package is available for short-term travellers who are travelling for less than a week.

We charge £10 per week, but if you are away for longer, why not opt for our monthly package instead? Just contact us and we will advise you on the most cost-effective route


Keep your treasure where neither a thief nor moth can find them


It is always easy to avoid using security for our protection. Only to see things for ourselves when it is too late.

Become a mystery to the thief near you by securing your valuables in our safety deposit box!


Book your safety deposit box appointment and see how your items fit in our box before you sign

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